Best compliment I’ve received

What was the best compliment you’ve received?

My Math Teacher to Me : You can Sleep in my Class, if You want too !!

That too in Maths 3 of Engineering which used to be notoriously famous for failing whole lot of students.

Btw It was Indian Math , In case if you are wondering !

I know what you are thinking !! May be what she meant By saying “You can Sleep in my Class, if You want too !! ” was that the material is so difficult that even if you were to fall asleep, you wouldn’t be missing much.

But I assure you, that wasn’t the case !!

This may not be the best compliment ever !! But this was definietly most unique. And it was so satisfactory compliment at a time, that I will always remember it.

What is Yours , the best compliment ever ?!!


  1. The best compliment I ever received was a young man who had fallen in hard times that was sitting outside the door of a gas station. “ The world needs more people like you, your so accepting and kind, you stopped to say hello without judgement instead of just walking by me.”

    All life is of value regardless of appearance and situations. Turning a blind eye is as if saying “ you don’t exist.” Kindness can heal lifelong wounds or change a persons whole day.

  2. Additionally, I believe those compliments stay in your heart forever !!
    I still remember, similar incident. Which is even older than the one I have posted as original post. I was quite young, On my way back from the school. I saw an elderly uncle trying to push cart to enter gate of society which was built on higher ground. It was very common back then to collect waste/used Items on hand held carts for recycling or sometimes reselling. Uncle’s age would be around 80 , he was trying hard to enter the society but failed every time due to elevation and having less power due to his age. Cart came back with the same force as It was pushed, every time!! I was passing by on my cycle, And I saw this!! I was confused within, should I stop or not !! I was may in 5th standard, if I remember it correctly! But I guess , I stopped I don’t remember the exact reasoning that happened within me !! but may be god wanted me to be there. I went near uncle’s cart, didn’t say anything and just started pushing the cart. We synchronized our push to the cart on 1,2,3,… After two attempts We were able to make it work. None of us were great at either expressing gratitude or even receiving it. But I was able to see everything through those old eyes. The whole even it still very close to my heart. And it gives me that secret energy of Hope & Kindness !! Now that I have posted this I feel like this should have been the original post !!

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